Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Aboard on the train

Welcome my passengers. Anyone need a ticket who has just come aboard from Brillant Becca Bakes?

Right so why have I set up a new blog when I already have a personal blog. Basically I attend college I go to lecture's just like normal college students. I write notes from the  PowerPoints, read textbooks and of course research the internet. Come to my assignments I forget what I was learning about it is like you are doing coursework but haven't learned anything.

I love writing and telling my friends what I learned about. So I thought why not start posting my lecture notes and tips for me on my blog. Then I realized there was a problem, not many people might want to read my lecture notes on my other blog. It just won't fit the style of that blog. I will set up a new blog that would make lecture notes fit which is this new fantastic blog.

Since you are reading this you might wonder what type of things I will write about. At the moment I am going to write up my assignments on here. Hopefully by doing this it won't be called plagiarized since it is my own blog. But hey it is worth a try. Then when I got my assignments out of the way, I would be typing up my lecture notes and gather any information from my textbook and of course the internet. I will be referencing the resources which might be helpful if you do health and social care.

Now you would be starting to think, what if I don't do health and social care? Well I am more likely to post different things on here like Maths and creative writing. Plus you are here not to learn like school but just for enjoyment.

Whatever your reason for stumbling over this blog, you are going to have a fun journey on the train each station you would have different knowledge.

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